AussieGlide offer a number of different chairlifts, each intended for a particular application.
Hiro 180We have models suitable for use indoor use, that also include a range of rail and upholstery colours to fit in with your decor. We have models suitable for outdoor use, that are manufactured to withstand the corrosive elements outside, and we have heavy duty models with wider seats for the comfort and security of our larger users.

A chairlift can be easily fitted to a straight flight of stairs with no Whole rail 400x400landings. Our curved rail chairlifts can also be fitted to stairs with landings and bends, and offer the ability to park the chair around the corner off the stairs. We also offer the Flow with it’s exclusive ASL technology, that allows the chair to automatically rotate during the ride to negotiate particularly narrow stairs.

In short, we have a chairlift for almost every set of stairs imaginable, and we would be pleased to offer you a no obligation survey of your stairs, and to discuss the options.


Chairlift and Platform Lifts