Vimec V64

The Vimec V64 stairlift with platform guarantees accessibility to public and private buildings. Together with the proven reliability and safety, it has compact dimensions and is easy to use.


The V64 platform stairlift with straight rail is available in three models, although AS1735.7 and BCA requirements here in Australia, will dictate the minimum platform size that must be used in certain circumstances.V64 narrow

  • Standard – with reduced platform dimensions  830 x 770mm for installation on constrained stairs and landings;
  • Large – with a wider platform 1030 x 770mm for wheelchairs with specific space requirements;
  • Extra large – with a platform 1250 x 810mm to meet the requirements of the Disablity (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 and BCA.

The assembly of the V64 does not require any architectural intervention on the existing structure and does not interfere with the interior design style.

Reliable and durable

The V64 stairlift with platform is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, thanks to the design features that ensure maximum durability and best performance in less than optimal conditions.

Technology at your fingertips

The V64 has radio controls, state-of-the-art active and passive personal protection devices, and retractable safety bars to save space when parked.

Browse the brochure to learn about the Vimec V64 stairlift with platform, at the cutting edge for personal safety, reliability and sturdiness.

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