Flow 2 Curved Rail Chairlift

Flow Custom Curved Rail Stairlift

Flow fits mimage3ost staircases, straight, around corners or even spiral. When installed on the inside stairway path, your stairs remains accessible for your family and friends. In addition, you can save extra space at the top aVertical stub park smlnd bottom of the stairs with a parking bend. The chair is then parked around the corner, out of the way. If a parking curve is not possible on your stairs, a vertical stop could be a solution.

Ease of use

The joystick functions both as a control device and a key. With a light touch of the joystick in the desired direction, your stairlift will bring you up- or downstairs. To offer a Joysticksx3solution for everyone, the armrest control is delivered with three types of joysticks as standard. Simply choose the one that works best for you. The optional ergonomic joystick, offers you the lightest control.

If you are not able to operate the stairlift yourself, the attendant control will be of help. With this device an attendant can drive the stairlift up and down the rail while one is seated on the chair.

Luxurious model

Flow can be optionally provided with an ‘automatic swivel during the ride’. This ingenious system, based on the ASL technology, which ThyssenKrupp are the sole patent holder of, makes it possible to install your rail close to the steps. This way your rail will attract less attention and you will have more space with low underpasses. In addition, the chair can negotiate particularly narrow stairs and turns automatically at the top and bottom of the stairs, allowing you to get on and off safe and easily.

No Mess, no hassleFolded at the top small

We understand that any mess and hassle associated with the installation of a stairlift is superfluous to you, so let us put your mind at rest.

The stairlift is installed by our factory trained technicians. It is fixed to the stairs rather than the wall, therefore your walls remain intact. The Flow can be configured to travel up either side of your stairs, allowing the most convenient side to be chosen. This combined with a choice of parking options, ensures the stairlift interferes as little as possible with the normal use of your stairs.

Key Features
  • Variable Seat and Footrest Heights– Each is adjustable independantly on installation.
  • Linked seat and footrest – The seat and footrest are linked and fold up together in one simple action.
  • Upholstery -The option of either fabric or quality vinyl padded seat and back in a choice of colours.
  • Swivel Seats– The option of either manual swivel seat or powered swivel in the luxurious model.
  • Seat Belts – A seat belt for your added safety.
  • Power – A DC powered carriage, with self levelling control.
  • Hinges – A choice of manual and powered folding hinges.
  • Controls–  A choice of three different joy stick controls for ease of use.
  • Remotes – Radio frequency remote control.
  • Rails – A single tubular rail in a powder coated choice of four colours.
  • Safe Working Loads – The standard safe working load is 125kg.
  • Diagnostic Display– A diagnostic display provides service information to assist servicing.
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