Inclined Platform Lifts

If there is simply no room beside the existing stairs for a vertical lift; or perhaps the existing building is heritage listed and cannot be modified to accommodate a vertical lift; or perhaps you just need an economical means of accessing your home by way of some stairs in a wheelchair, then an inclined platform lift might well be your most appropriate solution.

Like a chairlift, but somewhat larger, Vimec inclined platform lifts can carry a person in a wheelchair (up to 230Kg) up a flight of stairs. With the motorised folding platform function, the platform can be deployed when needed by a wheelchair user, by pressing a button on the floor control unit. When finished with the lift, the user can fold the platform away again also from the same floor control, thus minimising the space taken up by the platform on the stairs when not in use.

Inclined platform lifts come in two forms – straight rail lifts, for a single flight of straight stairs, like the Vimec V64, or curved rail lifts, for multiple flights with intermediate landings, and the ability to turn corners like the Vimec V65.

Chairlift and Platform Lifts