Vertical Lifts

The ThyssenKrupp HE31, also known as the Gulliver is a lift supplied with it’s own structural shaft. The  powder-coated galvamag steel structure is fitted with glass or solid panels, and obviates the need for the construction of a masonary shaft. The Gulliver is well suited to retro-fitting into an existing home, either internally, or on the outside of the house with internal access through an existing door/window or other wall penetration. Further details can be viewed here

The ThyssenKrupp HE30, also known as the Orion is the same lift car, hydraulics and rails, but requires an existing masonary shaft to support the guide rails and lift mechanics. If you are building a new home, you might choose to include a masonary shaft in the design and construction of the home. Please contact us for details of the shaft required. Further details describing the Orion can be viewed here

Chairlift and Platform Lifts