Bison 50 Straight Rail Chairlift

B50_indoor med

The Bison 50 provides a smooth and comfortable ride quality with a built in soft start and stop facility. The integral high power re-chargeable battery back ensures the stairlift is always available for use even in the event of a mains power failure and removes the need for an external battery box that was previously used on the Compact Stairlift.

With a choice of 6 different seat colours, The Bison 50 has been designed to easily blend into your home and should quickly become as much a part of your life as your favourite armchair

The Bison 50 has a choice of different seat heights, so it can be specifically matched to your personal requirements. There is also a choice of seatbelts to ensure safe travel on the stairlift.

The footrest is extremely close to the floor, and stops level with the top step for easy access to the landing. Safety edges prevent trapping of objects whilst the stairlift is in motion.

For people who have difficulty in bending, the optional powered footrest raiser will effortlessly fold away the footrest when not in use, and a power swivel at the top landing is also available as an option.

B50-foldedThe slimline design of the Bison 50 ensures it will fit on even the narrowest of straight stairs, folding up to less then 300mm (12 inches) when not in use ensuring maximum access to the staircase is available to others walking the stairs.

The Bison 50 has been fitted with a Self Diagnostic Display on the carriage to provide you with service information on the status of the stairlift.

Every element of the Bison 50 has been carefully designed with your comfort in mind and to provide years of reliable use.

Key Features

    • Variable Seat Heights– Five different seat heights to choose from.
    • Upholstery -The option of both padded or plain back seats in a choice of 6 colours.
    • Swivel Seats– The option of either powered or manual swivel seat.
    • Seat Belts – A variety of seat belts to choose from to ensure safe travel.
    • Power – A DC carriage, as well as a choice of speeds.
    • Footrests – Both a standard and a large footrest are available.
    • Powered Raisers – A powered footrest raiser can effortlessly fold the lift away.
    • Space Saver Seat– An optional soft backed space saver seat, for narrow staircases.
    • Hinges – A choice of manual and powered folding hinges.
    • Controls– Our easy to use rocker control switch as standard.
    • Remotes – Improved radio frequency remote control.
    • Key Switch– A standard safety feature to prevent unauthorised use.
    • Rails – A smooth slimline rail attractively finished in 3 colour choices.
    • Bridging Platform – For some curved staircases a bridging platform can be a cost effective solution.
    • Safe Working Loads – The standard safe working load is 120kg (19st).
    • Diagnostic Display– A diagnostic display indicates lifts status and provides service information.
    • Extra Wide Arms – The option of standard width or an extra wide arm seat.
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