Pandect Residential 260Kg

Pandect home lifts are ideal for private residences offering a cost effective and practical solution to overcome access challenges both into and within the home (outdoor and indoor). Our residential lifts are manufactured to ensure their operation is simple, safe and reliable for peace of mind.

Being able to remain at home, where there is difficulty in negotiating steps, using ramps or space limitations may be dependent on the installation of a low rise platform lift.

In New Zealand Pandect lifts are the chosen lift for the wider health ???????????????????????????????sector, including the Accident Compensation Corporation and the Ministry of Health. This preference is being mirrored in Australia as awareness grows of the quality of the product which is fully compliant with Australian Standards, fit for purpose and affordable – a proven solution in meeting requirements around Government initiatives on home access for people with disabilities.

Pandect is often able to custom design residential lifts where standard home lifts and production models may not be suitable for the needs of the individual user or the environmental setting. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Any age group with reduced mobility
  • Wheelchair uses – manual and powered
  • Persons using walking aids/frames
  • Carers for people with mobility challenges
  • The elderly
  • Outdoor and indoor environments
  • Compact retrofits in existing premises
  • Incorporation into new builds/extensions
  • Decking or veranda access
  • Access from driveway or path
  • Garage access
  • Split levels
  • A variety of models designed to suit individual requirements and the built environment
  • With models able to lift up to a 1.5 metre height rise and up to 500kg rated load, Pandect lifts offer an ideal solution for those access challenges
  • A number of options and accessories are available to ensure each product best meets the needs of the individual user – safe and easy operation – and the environmental setting
  • For further details please view the brochure & model specifications for residential lifts
Compliance & Safety Standards
  • User safety and reliability is foremost in the design and manufacture of Pandect lifts
  • Built to meet Australian Standards: AS 1735.14 Low rise platforms for passengers or AS 1735.15 Low-rise passenger lifts they also comply with International Disability Codes and recommendations including Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010
  • Compliant with the Australian Building Code
  • Built to meet New Zealand Standards: Platform lifts and low-speed lifts NZS 4334:2012; Design for Access & Mobility – Building & Associated Facilities NZS 4121:2001
  • Meets the New Zealand Building Code – Mechanical Installations for Access D2 2002
  • Independent Design Review Certified
  • All Compliance documents are available
  • Pandect, in conjunction with its distributors, offers a complementary planning service which assist architects, design professionals and building contractors when considering the provision of a low rise platform lift.
  • Pandect’s lifts do not require to be installed in a pit or against a structural load bearing wall. They bolt into a concrete slab or onto timber flooring and are free-standing. This allows a wide choice of lift positioning and an easy pre-installation build. (There is also the option for certain models to be installed in a pit (60mm only) if preferred)
  • Like a plug-in appliance the lift is connected directly to the household power supply
  • Short delivery lead times and experienced distributors located nationwide allow for quick installations.
Servicing & Maintenance
  • Pandect recommendation is that lifts in residential settings are serviced on an annual basis. This scheduled maintenance checks the lift is operating correctly and safely whilst reducing the chance of an inconvenient repair
  • Pandect’s distributors offer Service Agreements to their clients to arrange for this to be carried out
  • Should your lift ever require a repair between services, Pandect’s distributors will arrange for their technician to undertake the necessary work.
  • AussieGlide offer a full 12 months onsite warranty covering both the product and installation.
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