Information for the Home User

If you are looking to make access to your home, or other premises, easier, then AussieGlide can offer a number of options that may help.

The simplest, and least expensive of our options is a chairlift. If your stairs are a straight flight with no landings or winders, then even better, as straight rail chairlifts are the least expensive.

If your stairs have one or more landings and/or winders, then you will probably need a curved rail chairlift. While these chairlifts are more expensive, they can still be a lot less expensive than some of the alternatives.

Obviously the principle objective in considering the above option is to make those stairs safer and easier to cope with, but you may also want your chairlift to look as unobtrusive as possible. Our curved rail chairlift uses a low profile rail on the stairs and will allow your chairlift to be parked out of the way, around the corner.  The stylish design of the Flow chairlift, together with a choice of rail colour and a wide selection of different seat coverings, make it an excellent choice for both it’s functionality and appearance.

If your requirement is to move a wheelchair around with you, then we can offer a selection of wheelchair platform lifts to assist, ranging from a simple inclined lift, to low rise verticals, and up to full travel residential lifts.

Further information to assist you can be found by accessing the following links:

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